Service Delivery Charter

This Service Charter, derived from the main Charter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims at providing an overview of the activities of the Embassy in the areas of accreditation. The Charter provides insights into our core functions and values, and our commitment to continuous improvement of service delivery. It defines the Embassy’s mandate to enhance awareness on the services offered, the standards and mechanisms for redress where our services fall short of expectations, and to express our commitment to the delivery of quality services in pursuit of our customers’ satisfaction.


The Charter will be reviewed as need arises, in order to ensure that it is in tandem with new developments, and to also ensure sustainability of efficiency and effectiveness in our service delivery.


  • Implementation of Kenya’s Foreign Policy;
  • Promoting and enhancing bilateral relations between Kenya and the Confederation of Switzerland;
  • Promoting peace and security initiatives;
  • Coordination with the Ministry headquarters, other Missions abroad and other Government of Kenya 6 Ministries and Departments in the implementation of Kenya’s policies and interests;
  • Enhancing market access of Kenyan products to the Swiss
    market; Promotion and marketing of Kenyan products in Switzerland;
  • Attracting foreign direct investment to Kenya; Promotion of Kenya as a viable investment destination; Promotion of Kenya as a premier tourist and conference destination; Advocate for the furthering of the development cooperation between the two countries;
  • Seek scholarships
    for Kenyan students, or capacity building opportunities and programs with institutions in Switzerland Provision of consular services;
    Engagement with the Kenyan Diaspora;
  • Provision of protocol services.


To be an institution of excellence and diplomatic resource in support of Kenya’s National Development Agenda.


To promote and safeguard Kenya’s strategic interests through effective and resourceful bilateral engagement in support of sustainable development and growth.


We are guided by the following Core Values:

Customer focus: We shall treat ou customers with courtesy,
respect and promptness;

Patriotism: Our staff shall exercise loyalty and uphold allegiance to the Republic of Kenya at all times;

Team Spirit: We shall promote teamwork to enhance service delivery. The Mission will further inculcate a sense of shared and
collective responsibility for the execution of its mandate;

Professionalism: Our members of staff shall exercise a high level
of professional competence and confidentiality in all their work;

Ethics and Integrity: We will embrace transparency and
accountability in all operations of the Mission;

Equity and Fairness: We shall promote justice, impartiality and
diversity in all our dealings.


As customers:


To ensure that you receive quality service, you can assist us by:

  • Providing accurate, timely information and documentation to facilitate
    prompt action.
  • Upholding professionalism and integrity in your interactions with us.
  • Treating our staff courteously and with respect.
  • Giving your views and comments as a vital ingredient in helping us
    monitor and improve the relevance and quality of our services to our
  • We shall consider all suggestions fully and promptly in our
    planning for service improvement and, wherever possible, we shall
    respond immediately.
  • Observing and respecting our procedures, rules and regulations.

As a service provider:


In our interaction with our customers, we commit to:-


  • Uphold professionalism and integrity.
  • Provide effective and efficient service.
  • Be proactive in undertaking our duties and responsibilities.
  • Provide timely and relevant information.
  • Treat both our customers and their information with confidentiality.
  • Treat our customers with respect and courtesy.
  • Maintain an open-door policy for all those in need of our services.
  • Hire and retain staff of high calibre to promote a quality service.
  • Promptly and positively respond to staff needs.
  • Provide a conducive working environment.


To each other as colleagues:


  • Teamwork and collective responsibility.
  • Honesty, transparency and accountability.
  • Courtesy and respect.
  • Respect for family values; Equity.

Our customers include:

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nairobi.
  • Mission staff.
  • Ministries, Departments, Agencies and other institutions in Kenya.
  • The Kenyan Parliament; The federal and regional governments of the
    Confederation of Switzerland; Embassies and Non-Governmental
    Organizations accredited to Switzerland. The private sector in Kenya.
  • The private sector, business community and investors in Switzerland.
  • Tourists.
  • Kenyan students in Switzerland; Kenyans in the Diaspora.

We provide the following services:


To the Confederation of Switzerland:


  • Coordinating of and participation in bilateral engagements.
  • Liaison services with the relevant government ministries, departments and
  • Articulation of Kenya’s foreign policy.
  • Facilitation of Swiss nationals participating in international conferences in Kenya by issuing visas and relevant documentation to facilitate travel.
  • Provision of information on tourism and investment opportunities.
  • Provision of protocol services, Facilitation of official missions to Kenya.


To the private sector, business community and investors in Switzerland:


  • Information on trade and investment opportunities in Switzerland.
  • Facilitation of trade and investment missions.
  • Provision of market
  • Mediation and arbitration of disputes involving Kenyan
    exporters and Swiss importers and vice versa.
  • Facilitation of clearance to participate in trade-related meetings.
  • Facilitation of official travel by
    Kenyans to Switzerland.
  • Provision of protocol services, Legalization and
    authentication of Kenyan certificates and official documents required in


To Government ministries, departments, agencies and other institutions:


  • Provision of consular services.
  • Dissemination of information and advice on Kenya.
  • Facilitation of participation in international conferences held in Kenya.
  • Information on tourism and investment opportunities; Facilitation of official travel to Kenya.


To Embassies and Non-Governmental Organizations accredited to Switzerland:


  • Provision of consular services.
  • Dissemination of information and advice on Kenya.
  • Facilitation of participation in international conferences held in Kenya.
  • Information on tourism and investment opportunities; Facilitation of official travel to Kenya.


To international organizations, such as the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in Bern:


Provide links with the competent authorities, such as the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK). Consular assistance as well as information on meeting and conferencing facilities and opportunities and tourist attractions.


To Tourists:


Provision of information and advice about Kenya; Engagement through participation in tourism promotion events; Information on tourism and related investment opportunities; Provision of consular services.


To Kenyan students in Switzerland:


Advisory services in the field of education; Provision of consular/immigration services.


To Staff of the Embassy:


General administrative services, including working tools, equipment and security; Welfare services; Financial and accounting services; Consular


To Kenyans in the Diaspora:


  • Information on the Diaspora Policy; Support for linkage between and
    amongst the Kenyan Diaspora in Switzerland.
  • Coordination of relations
    with the Kenyan Diaspora in Switzerland.
  • Registration of the Kenyan
    Diaspora in Switzerland.
  • Provision of information on trade and investment in Kenya, including Diaspora specific opportunities.
  • Provision of consular and immigration services.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of service to all our customers and clients. You can expect the following from us:


We shall: –

  • Treat you with respect and courtesy, maintaining confidentiality where
  • Identify ourselves when we speak to you.
  • Be clear and helpful in our interactions.
  • Act with care, diligence, honesty and integrity as we prepare to respond and deal with your interests and concerns.
  • Refer enquiries we cannot answer to an appropriate agency/authority.
  • Ensure that our website is well set out, frequently updated and user


We shall endeavour to:-

  • Deal with your enquiries and complaints quickly and effectively.
  • Answer your phone calls promptly.
  • Attend to visitors promptly upon arrival.
  • Notify you of our meetings, at least two days in advance.
  • Reply to your letters, faxes and e-mails within five working days, while on more complex issues, our initial reply will give you an estimate of the time a full response will take, and the cost, if any.
  • Pay for goods, services and works within five working days upon submission of accurate invoices and any other supporting documents,
    in line with the Government procurement rules and regulations.


We are available Monday to Friday, at the Embassy office, during official working hours from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., with a one-hour lunch break
between 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m.

We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and during Kenyan and Swiss public holidays.

We aim to:-

  • Ensure that accuracy, accountability and quality of our services remain world-class by continuously incorporating new developments in the foreign service.
  • Improve procedures for monitoring the quality of our services and reporting the results.
  • Upgrade delivery of services, in line with improvements in technology and the changing needs of our clients.
  • Develop a more streamlined system of handling enquiries and
    feedback on our services.

Feedback on compliments, positive recognition, unfulfilled expectations and dissatisfaction should be brought to the attention of the following:-

The immediate officer in charge of the matter. If dissatisfied with the outcomes, a formal appeal should be made to the Head of Chancery. In case you are dissatisfied with the decisions of the Head of Chancery and have information or evidence that may not have been considered in the decision made, you may make an appeal at a personal level to the Ambassador. The contacts of the Embassy are outlined below.
For external grievances/complaints, or a redress mechanism in Kenya,
you can contact:

The Commission of Administrative Justice, West End
Towers, 2nd Floor, Waiyaki Way Westlands P.O. Box 20414-00200
Nairobi Telephone No.: +254-20-2270000 Email: (general inquiries) (complaints) Toll Free No.: +254-800-
221349 SMS Short Code No.: 15700 (Safaricom).

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