Kenyans in Situations of Distress

Any National of the Republic of Kenya resident in Switzerland, whether lawfully or irregularly, who may be experiencing any form of distress is advised to contact the Embassy in any way possible whether by telephone, E-mail, letter, through a friend, relative, Swiss or other Emassy’s authorities or to physically present at the Embassy in order to seek guidance. We encourage Kenya nationals to share information, both private and personal including opportunities for personal advancement. Information should be shared about Kenyans in situations of success and prosperity as much as about those who might be undergoing personal challenges, financial stress, under arrest, in police custody, Prison, jail, detention, facing court cases and other forms of prosecution, unlawful presence, irregular Immigration status, deportation or any form of removal, heightened disputes. Imminent threat or danger to their safety and security, any form of bondage including debt bondage and other forms of slavery and  inhuman treatment etc. 


The Embassy is readily available to discuss, advice, issue guidance or, and intervene as lawfully appropriate.


In the event of an emergency or a security situation, Kenya nationals are advised to immediately do the following:


  1. Keep away from the zone of insecurity so as to ensure personal safety and security.
  2. Co-operate fully with the lawful authorities in charge of the situation and follow/comply with their instructions and advice. 
  3. Immediately inform your family, relatives, friends and other Kenyans known to you who are likely to be in the vicinity of the zone of insecurity and advise them to keep away from the affected area.
  4. Call and inform your family, relatives and friends both in Kenya and Switzerland and inform them of your situation. This will avoid unnecessary panic and give the people who treasure you the peace of mind.
  5. Get in touch with the Embassy and ask for necessary assistance, more information and next steps in ensuring your welfare.
  6. Keep in touch with and abreast of developments as relayed by relevant lawful authorities while continuously asking the Embassy for guidance. 

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