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Affidavits/Statutory Declaration/Attestation

Any Emails for Inquiries and Requests for Appointments to be forwarded to: info@kenyaembassy-bern.ch


The Embassy does not issue affidavits in lieu of marriage certificates. Affidavits for other situations may be issued on a case basis, provided that the subject of the affidavit may not subject the Embassy to liabilities under the laws of either Switzerland or Kenya. The contents of the affidavit must be in conformity with Municipal, National and International law.


  1. Cover letter showing full names and contacts of the applicant. The letter should clearly explain the nature of the service being requested for.
  2. Certified copy of Kenyan ID card or passport.
  3. The applicant must be physically present before the Consular officer.
  4. Payment fees of CHF 20 for each Affidavit to the Embassy’s Bank Account.
  5. Evidence of payment attached to the cover letter


Bank Account Information:


Embassy of the Republic of Kenya to the Swiss Confederation
UBS Switzerland AG
IBAN CH87 0023 5235 2621 1801 M


Modes of Payment

Applicants for services should pay into the Embassy Account requisite fees (indicating their name and the type of document/service required). The payment may also be made through e-banking or at the post office. Proof of payment and a cover letter/explanatory note with full contact details should  be included in the application. 

All payments for consular services should be made to the following Bank Account:


Embassy of the Republic of Kenya to the Swiss Confederation
UBS Switzerland AG
IBAN CH87 0023 5235 2621 1801 M



  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted;
  • Registration fee is non-refundable.
  1. The Embassy does not accept cash payment for services offered.
  2. Do not put money in an envelope. The Embassy will not take responsibility for any money lost in envelopes. All cash payments enclosed  in the application will be sent back to the applicant at their own expense.
  3. Attach copy of the payment slip to your documents when posting or presenting them at the Embassy (failure to do so could mean delay on the service requested).
  4. Payments made on behalf of someone else should clearly indicate the name of the applicant and the service requested for on the copy of the slip.

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