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An application for a new passport must be done well in advance, at least SIX (6) MONTHS before expiry of the passport or your intended date of travel. Kindly note that all applicants for Kenya passports made through the Embassy in Bern will be issued with Biometric e-passport which are acceptable for international travel/use. 


The Kenya Government has implemented a new e-Passport issuing system (from 1st September 2017) in conformity with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards. The passport printing is currently centrally done in Nairobi only. Plans are underway to progressively roll this out to other Regional offices and Missions.


Type of PassportFee in Ksh (For online Applications Only)Fees in CHF (For Manual Applications only)
32 Pages ‘A’ Series/ Ordinary Passport4,50090
48 Pages ‘B’ Series/ Ordinary Passport6,000120
64 Pages ‘C’ Series/Ordinary Passport7,500150
Diplomatic Passport 64 Pages7,500150
Replacement of Lost Passport12,000250
Replacement of valid Mutilated Passport10,000250
One-Way Kenya Travel Document20


  1. Applications for Kenya passports should be made at least 6 months before the date of expiry. Applicants should submit applications online on the e-Citizen platform (click here) then print out and present the documents to the Embassy in Bern for onward transmission to the Office of the Director of Immigration Services in Nairobi.
  2. Kenya passport holders, including citizens by birth who obtained the citizenship of another country under the repealed Constitution (before midnight of 30 th  August 2010) may apply to regain Kenya citizenship before being issued with a Kenya passport. Those who have obtained the citizenship of another country after midnight of the 30 th  of August 2010 should fill in and submit a declaration of Dual Citizenship form to accompany the application for passport. (click here to access form)
  3. For information, the current valid passports that are not e-compliant and are non-Biometric will remain in use until 30th November 2022 after which they will be rendered invalid. For more information click hereHolders of these series of passports are advised to apply for the new Biometric e-passports, especially when they have the opportunity to be in Kenya.
  4. Passport applicants must physically present themselves at the Embassy or passport office in Nairobi to allow for the capture of their Biometric data.
  5. Applications sent through post should include a pre-paid self-addressed return
    courier envelope that bears a tracking number.

  1. Two printouts of online form 19, duly completed, signed and dated together
  2. with the corresponding receipts/invoices for fees.
  3. Original and two copies (Bio Data Page) of the passport being replaced (not
  4. necessary for first applicants).
  5. Two copies of your Kenyan ID (not required for minors).
  6. Two copies of Kenyan Birth Certificate.
  7. Two passport sized-photographs of size 2 by 1½ inches. Machine photos are not acceptable. The photographs must have been taken within the last six months before submission.
  8. Applications must be recommended (in Section 7) by a Kenyan citizen, who should provide two copies of his/her passport or ID card.

  1. Two copies of Parents’ Kenya passport in case of applicants under 18 years.
  2.  Proof of father’s/mother’s Kenyan nationality/citizenship (Two copies of Kenya passport and Identity card).
  3. Two copies of completed Parental Consent form (completed by father or mother).
  4. Certified copy of parent’s marriage certificate, where applicable.
  5. Two copies of the Father’s / Mother’s Kenyan Birth certificate (both Sides).
  6. Copy of child’s original birth certificate with a certified translation into the English language.

  1. Two printouts of online form 19, duly completed, signed and dated together with the corresponding receipts.
  2. Two Copies of both sides of Kenyan ID Card.
  3. Two copies of police Report in case of a lost passport. Download form here
  4. Cover letter by the applicant detailing the names and the contacts of the applicant and explaining the circumstances under which the passport got lost while at the same time requesting for a new passport.
  5. An Affidavit (and a copy) sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths explaining the circumstances under which the passport got lost or, and mutilated. Download Form here
  6. Two copies of lost passport or original of any passport previously held.
  7. The damaged passport (and a copy) for those replacing a mutilated one.
  8. Two copies of birth certificate.
  9. Two passport sized-photographs of size 2 by 1½ inches. Machine photos are not acceptable.
  10. Additional documentary proof of Kenya citizenship may be required if necessary.  Applicants may be asked to attend to a face to face interview.
  11. Applications must be recommended (in Section 7) by a Kenyan citizen, who should provide two copies of his/her passport or ID card.
  1. Two printouts of online form 19, duly completed, signed and dated together with the corresponding receipts.
  2. Two copies of marriage certificate in case the change is as a result of
    marriage. Ladies who are married to Kenyan men or to foreign nationals who have had residential status in Kenya should indicate their husband’s file
    numbers/R.No. to enable the authorities trace and amalgamate the family files. Women in second marriages should submit a divorce certificate or death
    certificate in order to nullify the previous marriage(s).
  3. Deed Poll registered in Kenya in the case of a gazetted change of name at the Attorney General’s office in Kenya. Affidavits are not acceptable in effecting change of names.
  4. Gazette notice of divorce and Divorce Decree as proof of dissolution of
    marriage for those who wish to revert to their maiden names.
  5. Original and two copies of current passport.
  6. Two passport sized-photographs. The size of the photographs must be 2 by 1½ inches, note that machine photos are not acceptable
  7. Two copies of current National Identity Card
  8. Applications must be recommended (in Section 7) by a Kenyan citizen, who
    should provide two copies of his/her passport or ID card.
  9. For correction of dates of birth/place of birth, the original Birth Certificate
    (bearing the stamp of the Department of Immigration Services) used to obtain the passport in the first instance is required in addition to the above.
  10. Other changes in the details on the Bio data page will be handled on a case by case basis.

Modes of Payment

  1. The Embassy does not accept cash payment for services offered.
  2. Do not put money in an envelope. The Embassy will not take responsibility for any money lost in envelopes. All cash payments enclosed  in the application will be sent back to the applicant at their own expense.
  3. Attach copy of the payment slip to your documents when posting or presenting them at the Embassy (failure to do so could mean delay on the service requested).
  4. Payments made on behalf of someone else should clearly indicate the name of the applicant and the service requested for on the copy of the slip.

Applicants for services should pay into the Embassy Account requisite fees (indicating their name and the type of document/service required). The payment may also be made through e-banking or at the post office. Proof of payment and a cover letter/explanatory note with full contact details should  be included in the application. 


All payments for consular services should be made to the following Bank Account: 


Embassy of the Republic of Kenya to the Swiss Confederation
UBS Switzerland AG
IBAN CH87 0023 5235 2621 1801 M




  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted;
  • Registration fee is non-refundable.

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